Solving the People Puzzle

Solving 2

Understanding and valuing yourself and others

Personal development for individuals, groups, and churches

A seminar designed to help you understand and relate to others in a better way!

  1. Start by understanding yourself in a new way. Gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses and areas where you need personal growth.  Recognize what you bring to your relationships and what you don’t.
  2. Continue by learning to understand, appreciate, and relate to the people in your life in new and better ways. Learn to perceive how others may be different than you in 12 distinct categories:
  • Relational needsPuzzle_table
  • Basic motivation
  • Best environment
  • What they accept and reject
  • Major strengths
  • Major weaknesses
  • Behavior under tension
  • Value to others
  • Using time
  • Communication
  • Emotional response
  • Decision making
  1. Discover how to develop versatility so that you are more effective in dealing with others. Discern how to adapt your behavior to meet the needs of the people around you, and accomplish your desired ends by supporting their needs.
  • Biblical, practical, and fun!
  • Recommended for those who regularly deal with people…that’s just about everybody!…and who want to increase their effectiveness at relating to others
  • Ideal for small group events, staff retreats, or full-church seminars
  • 5 hours of instructional time. Flexible scheduling to fit your event. One-day, two-day , and other formats
  • Developed by WALK THRU THE BIBLE
  • Taught by Mark Knox of Learning Continues. Mark is a graduate of Ashland University and has been involved in teaching and training in churches and public schools for over 40 years. “Taking root downward, bearing fruit upward” has become his personal mantra as he seeks for deep, clear understanding of concepts and practical application of principles.

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