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peregrinatio est vita – Life is a pilgrimage

“The need for more robust reading (and teaching) of God’s Word is made clear when we consider the lack of biblical literacy among the current generation of church-goers. Never have everyday Christians had so many resources at their disposal and yet have been so ignorant of what the Bible actually teaches.”

-M. Graham Knox, Take Root, Bear Fruit

Tanzania 2022 – July 10 – No longer a face on the refrigerator

Yesterday brought us to a school in Majengo. After a brief welcoming ceremony, which included singing children and tribal dancers, I got to meet the child my wife and I have sponsored for several years. During all this time, various photos of Talik Dalusi have adorned the side our our refrigerator, chronicling his growth over … Continue reading Tanzania 2022 – July 10 – No longer a face on the refrigerator

Is abortion safer than live birth? Not for everyone

So, I see this chart on an article about abortion. It portrays that the death rate for the mother in an abortion procedure is less than during a live birth. “Safer.” Problem is, they’re leaving someone out of the equation. So I fixed the chart. There are alternatives to abortion. There have to be.

Asking the right questions

Objecting to the teaching of God’s sovereign grace reveals far more about the heart and mind that won’t submit to this revealed truth than it does about the difficulty of the doctrine.

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Professionally, I have been an educator, a minister, and a leader in business. I’ve been speaking, writing and teaching for over 50 years in various settings. I am retired from daily work, my most recent position being on the leadership team at Chick-fil-A of Hendersonville, North Carolina. I am a certified ServSafe instructor and an elder at Missio Dei Church in Asheville.

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