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Water Travels Uphill in the Wind River Canyon

Originally posted on Wyoming Life:
Optical and Sensory Illusion in the Wind River Canyon photo by B.W. Townsend Many locals know a trip up the Wind River Canyon has a surprising twist. While the scenery itself is spectacular, a mixture of optical and sensory illusion often causes the traveler to think that water is traveling…

Wyoming, Day 8, football

Did nothing. Went to a sports bar. Had lunch. Ordered “just another tequila sunrise.” Watched football. That is all.

The need for more robust reading (and teaching) of God’s Word is made clear when we consider the lack of biblical literacy among the current generation of church-goers. Never have everyday Christians had so many resources at their disposal and yet have been so ignorant of what the Bible actually teaches.

Mark G. Knox, Take root, bear fruit

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